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Dancing Daisy Goes To The Dentist: A Rhyming Bedtime Ballet Book (dancing Daisy Bear)

Dancing Daisy Goes To The Dentist

Author: Deborah Bradley

The author is Deborah Bradley and the publisher is The child's book was available on bookshelves on the 1st of May, 2013. A few people say they do not have enough time to read, yet reading can also be a wonderful utilization of time, especially with the correct child's book, add to cart by selecting the link below.

Bedtime Book BONUS - Includes FREE"Dancing Daisy"Coloring Pack Inside! Your younger children will enjoy the illustrations and sing-song tone inside the story while your older children will especially like the rhyming story format. That's right. - Every Dancing Daisy book ends using a gentle"nudge"towards sleep (they'll *love* when she dreams about dancing sheep! What a great method to relieve the fears your child might have about going to the dentist."When your child (ren) have enjoyed the vibrant pictures in Dancing Daisy Bear's adventure, they can pretend they are illustrating the book themselves! Pick up your copy today! I just love Daisy and her mom. )."- Kathleen T. Dancing Daisy is nervous about going for the dentist due to the fact she doesn't know what to expect. In this sweet story, Daisy the dancing bear, prepares for her initial visit to the dentist. For a limited time you can download a FREE 5-page coloring pack to accompany Deborah Bradley's"Dancing Daisy Goes To The Dentist. In this darling story, her mom gently encourages her and helps her get confidence to do one factor that's new and unknown to her by having her focus on the factor she loves a single of the most - dancing! Here's what some thrilled customers are saying:"The pictures are adorable, the story well written, lots of teachingspots along the way and a thing that a child would like to study. - Beautiful, color illustrations that will captivate your young youngster. - Rhyming verses that help engage your child and preserve their interest. This can be such a wonderful teaching book for parents to support theirchildren learn about going to someplace for the very first time. - A terrific way to help youngsters obtain a new perspective on things which can be new (and, in particular, going to the dentist )."- M. Mc Donald"This is 1 particular particular of those books that have you smiling all the way by means of.


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