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Go To The Dentist (topsy And Tim)

Go To The Dentist
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Ladybird Books Ltd

ISBN: 1409300587
Author: Jean Adamson
Package Quantity: 1

Written by Jean Adamson and it was published by Ladybird Books Ltd. The child's book went on sale sometime in August of 2009. The book has 32 pages. To see the low price I discovered, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

Topsy and Tim find fun and adventure within the actual globe. Their engaging stories are reassuring for young children getting first experiences of their very personal."Topsy and Tim"remain instantly recognisable to parents while in a fresh style that can appeal to a new generation of fans, these wonderful books deserve a spot on each and every child's bookshelves. A trusted and well-loved pair who can help guide parents and youngsters through 'first experiences',"Topsy and Tim"books have been beautifully updated with modern artwork. In"Topsy and Tim: Go for the Dentist", children can find out how you can preserve their teeth healthy and discover that going for the dentist isn't such a scary expertise after all.


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