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Going To The Dentist (first Time)

Going To The Dentist

Heinemann Library

ISBN: 1403404674
Author: Melinda Beth Radabaugh

Searching for a remarkable children's book? Going To The Dentist is a fantastic children's book. Written by Melinda Beth Radabaugh and the publisher is Heinemann Library. It went on sale sometime in 2004. At the library the reference number is RK63.R33 2004. The book has 24 pages and it has exquisitly colored illustrations, click on the hyperlink below.

What is really a dentist? Who helps the dentist? What do you learn? What does the dentist do? What happens next? Why do you go for the dentist? Where do you see the dentist? What happens at the dentist's office? What tools does the dentist use?


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