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Teddy Visits The Dentist

Teddy Visits The Dentist

the Mahadeo Movement

ISBN: 0956943802
Author: Elizabeth Mahadeo RDH

Written by Elizabeth Mahadeo RDH and it is published by the Mahadeo Movement. The child's book was available on the 18th of March, 2012. The book is 40 pages long. To obtain your own copy of this child's book for your children, visit the market button.

This is the first book in a series of educational children's books. With years of clinical expertise behind her, the author decided there is certainly a want for this educational tool. The author hopes this book will be helpful in educating young children and parents generating them more comfortable at the dental office. Teddy Visits the Dentist is written by Registered Dental Hygienist with fifteen years experience operating with both young children and adults in dental offices. The book describes a trip to the dental office for a routine checkup and cleaning, so your kid knows what to expect throughout their appointment.


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